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Electro Portable Pruning Shears | FELCOtronic Strong & Multipurpose Model

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The FELCO 820 set, a result of carefully studied ergonomics, providing relief to arm and shoulder muscles, throughout the entire day spent pruning.
The model FELCO 820 is suited to heavy pruning work and ensuring primarily, a significant productivity increase. 
Multipurpose it is the ideal tool for arboriculture, forestry work, the upkeep of parks and gardens and for some types of viticulture work. 


Features: -

•Strong, rapid and user-friendly
•Efficient and reliable
•Enables easy, clean and accurate cutting of hardwood, of up to 45 mm in diameter
•Controlled and powered by its Powerpack, FELCO 880 includes a battery and charger.


A FELCO 880 Powerpack is required in order to use this tool.
(Is Included if you order with us in Singapore)